Wedding Party

A Gothic Symphonic Doom Metal Ethereal Theatrical Spiritual Musical Entity in Perpetual Motion

Originaly formed in the mid 90's, they were signed with MCM records and released their debut album "Anthems" in 1998. Their single "War Memorial" was featured on several complilations, including the 1999 2 CD compilation "Twilight of the Gods, Vol 2,The Gothic/Black Metal Collection".

In late 2021 Wedding Party re-emerged, after the passing of the original lead male vocalist, William Ashton Knight.

They went in to the H.O.H.O.M. studios and on October 28th 2022 they released their new Single "Starlight" together with a lyric Video.

They released their new album "White Horse" in September, 2023.

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The House Of His Own Madness


Shaun Shidell

Sheri Luckey Björn   Simon Björn
             Vocals                     Vocals/Guitar

Ravn Furfjord

Chad Hall